What is IGLlive.com?

IGLlive.com is India’s first Community based Esports League. Our main focus is not only to provide the best competitive gaming experience but also to develop and create a strong Gaming Community.

We are gamers ourselves so we envision everything from a gamers perspective and we have applied policies and procedure that best suits a dedicated and determined gamer. As we are a league we primarily focus on competitive side of things, but we also understand the need of developing a community so we offers tools and opportunity to develop a strong gaming community. You can be a part of this community and help us make gaming community stronger. Volunteer with IGLlive more more info click here.

last but not least, as gamers we understand that we must listen to our fellow gamers. So feel free to contact us with your suggestions, and complaints via our support system.

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We only allow one team for each game.

How to create a new team?

  1. Click Create team in Dashboard menu on left hand.
  2. Type your desired team name.
  3. Select your game.
  4. Enter info about your team that you want others to see (optional).
  5. Click create team.

Once team is successfully created you will be redirected to team page where you can manage your team.

Editing an existing team:
  1. Go to team page, click on “Settings” tab.

How to find team members?

Players page, you can find members by username, Game type or Pincode. add them as a friend. You can also use Community listings to find players who have listed themselves as available.

How to join a team ?

  1. Teams Search: Search for the team by name and then click on the team read info and request to join.
  2. Community listings: search for  teams who have listed themselves as “Recruiting Teams“.
  3. Players Search : To join a team of a particular player find them on players search.

How to delete a team?

Go to team page and click on “trash can” icon located next to your team name and follow the procedure.


How to play a match in a ladder?

You must be logged in and must have already joined a ladder in order to play a match. Once you have joined a ladder follow these instructions:

  1. Go to ladder page (your tournaments list is available under your profile and Dashboard).
  2. Click on “IGL Arena” button on ladder page.
  3. You will land on IGL Arena page this is where you can post or accept a match.

If you need more help contact us via Support System.

Post a match (Ladders Only)

Ladders matches can be scheduled for a desired date and time for your convenience. Once a match is posted it becomes available in “Available Matches” list to be accepted by other Players or Teams.

  1. Select Date and Time. or for instant match check “Available Now”
  2. For Singles ladders skip to Step 4.
  3. For Teams ladder, Select Type: Play as a duo (2v2) or 3v3 or as a full team.
  4. Select players from team who will participate in the match.
  5. Select series (Best of 1, 3 or 5) different games allow different series options.
  6. Click “Post Match”

you are all set your match is posted and once a team/user accepts your match you will be notified.

Match is scheduled now what?

Once a match is scheduled click on Match Link sent in your email to enter Match Lobby or go to IGL Arena page as mentioned in “How to play a match in a ladder?” section and then click on Match Lobby button to get all match detail. Matches can be accessed via Dashboard and by clicking on shield icon under your profile widget on top right corner.:

  1. Match accepting team is responsible for contacting the match posting team.
  2. Contact methods will depend on platform and game.
    • Players and teams can be contacted via Gamertags/Ids if a game or console allows it.
    •  Contact match posting team via messaging feature on players profile or on team captains profile in case of  a “Teams” match.
    • Depending on personal preference players can choose to use other methods like text, what’s app, discord etc.
  3. Once both teams are in contact, depending on game, invite each other to play.
  4. Play the match as per the rules and match settings mentioned in the rules section.
  5. Once match is finished do not forget to report the scores.

Winning team is responsible to report the score correctly but losing team can also report the score. Failure to report the score in appropriate time will result in an auto loss.

Match Dispute

To resolve a match dispute please use our Support System.

  1. Click “Create Ticket”.
  2. Select “Match Dispute” Department.
  3. Enter “Match ID” in subject.
  4. Enter dispute details in “Message” section. Be details and if you have any videos as proof please enter the video link here.
  5. Upload any image proofs by adding them as “Attachments”
  6. If you have more than one image click “add more files”.
  7. Click “Create Ticket”.

Once our staff receives a dispute they  do a thorough investigation and will reply with in 24-48 hours.

List of acceptable proofs

  1. Screenshots with scores and gamertags/IDs.
  2. Any video recordings (You must be upload videos to your youtube channel and send us the link) .

What is Check in?

Check in required for all matches. Check in system along with auto loss system is implemented to reward dedicated Gamers awarding them an automatic win if the opponent does not check in before the match start time or does not report the score.

  1. Check in option is available 15 min prior to scheduled match time.
  2. Failure to check in will result in an auto loss.

What is auto loss?

Yet another way of rewarding dedicated Gamers. There are 2 ways auto loss can be awarded.

  1. Failure to check in.
  2. Failure to report score.

as mentioned above check in required for all matches and failure to check in will result in auto loss.

Auto loss due to failure to report score applies to “ALL” matches. Scores must be reported within 2 hours of scheduled match time to avoid auto loss.



League point are the core of IGLlive.com League Ranking system and your path to become a professional competitive player. League points are earned with each match played on IGLlive.com online or LAN.


League points are important for several reasons:

  1. League Points determine the the rank in a Ladder and leaderboards.
  2. League points play a major role in selecting teams for invitation only events like Local Lan Champs (LLC).
  3. League points establish your player Status.

Pro (5000 and above League Points).

Semi Pro (3000 and above League points).

Amateur (1000 and above League points)

League points allow players and teams to see how they stack against competition.


League point are visible for each participant in the Ladder Leaderboards, Global Leaderbords and IGL Arena.


Your gateway to the world of professional competitive gaming.

IGLlive is proud to introduce First Free Competitive Gaming Ladders in India. Ladders are the international standard of competitive gaming. Our Ladders have 2 modes, Singles (Player vs Player) and Teams (Team vs Team). Players and Teams compete for the top spot in their respective Ladders. Each match in a Ladder allows users and teams to earn League Points which determine their rank in their Ladder. All Ladders are online only.


All Ladders singles/team has 4 seasons.

  1. Winter (Dec-Feb)
  2. Spring (Mar-May)
  3. Summer (Jun-Aug)
  4. Autumn (Sep-Nov)

WHAT is IGL Arena?

IGL arena is the core of all Ladders including IGL Masters. You can post and create and accept custom matches in arena.


Top 8, 16 or 32 ranked (based on League Points) singles/teams from each season of the Ladders are automatically placed into K.O. Tournament bracket (Ladder Season Finale). K.O. tournaments are held online and winner of the K.O. tournament is declared the winner of that particular Ladder.

Winners are showcased on IGLlive.com.


Ladders are completely free to join. Players/Teams win League points and each Season Winners trophy. Ladder winners are recognized and these Ladders are your gateway to start your professional competitive gaming career. Any additional prizes will be mentioned under ladder prize details.


Online Ladders are open for players and team from all the States in India and will include other countries in future.


Just like our Ladders we hosts multitude of tournaments for ever growing list of games on multiple platforms. For single users and teams. You can win cash or League Points or both.

  • Free online tournaments.
  • Premium (paid) online tournaments.
  • Free LAN tournaments.
  • Premium (paid) LAN tournaments.

Online free/paid tournaments are hosted by us on regular basis daily/weekly. LAN tournaments will announced in advance.

Anyone can join these tournaments on first come first served basis. Please make sure that you read full details of the premium tournaments as there is no refund, all sales are final.




You must check tournament details for more information.


Premium tournaments are Pay to Join tournaments. All premium tournaments have cash prizes and each match has League Points. Check tournament details for more info.


Same as any other tournament just click on “Join Now” button and you will be taken to purchase page. Add the tournament to cart and then view cart and to checkout follow the procedure. once your order is completed you will automatically join the tournament.

What are community Listing?

100% free classified listings, available to all registered members of IGLlive.com. Listings are a big part of our effort to create a strong gaming community.

What type of listings can I make?

Listings can made in following categories:

  1. Gaming cafe/arenas
  2. Available players
  3. Recruiting teams
  4. Gaming suppliers
  5. Buy
  6. Sell

Choose appropriate category that applies to you. For example:

If you are a Gaming cafe/arena owner, select “Gaming cafe/arena” category when adding your listing and so on.

IGLlive reserves the right to remove any listing we find inappropriate.

How does listings help community?

Gaming community listing bring the community together in one spot for everything gaming. It helps gamers reach resources and providers and vice a versa.

Listings give players an option to find other player, teams and Gaming cafes/arenas. Players can themselves list as available player so other players or teams can find. Teams can make a listing if they are looking for a player or players.

Another way listings help community is by giving members ability to rate and review the listings.

For Example: You can find a Gaming cafe/arena based on services and location. Not only you can find them but also give them a good or bad rating with your reviews. Your ratings and reviews helps other members to decide, your ratings/reviews can also gives the owner of these Gaming cafes/arena an opportunity to enjoy good ratings/reviews or improve in case of bad ratings/review.

How does buy and sell works?

IGLlive.com only provides service to list your products or services. IGLlive .com is not responsible for any issues arising, like bad product or services provided by listing member.

IGLlive.com do not provide any payment services. These listing are solely for information exchange purpose.

I don’t see a category that fits me ?

We are always listening, send us your suggestion via our Support System and we will consider adding your category.

Can i make a non gaming related listing?

IGLlive.com is a gaming community and we want to keep it gaming related only.

I found a listing to be offensive or inappropriate.

We try to monitor all listings regularly but if you find a listing offensive or inappropriate please use our support system to report it. Please make sure to choose “Complaints” department and include the listing information.

Can a listing owner delete my reviews and rating?

In an effort to keep these listings as honest and helpful we have disabled listing review and rating deletion. Any listing owner can delete their listing with all the ratings and reviews.

Someone is harassing me with bad reviews and ratings.

we want to keep it fair so if you notice any harassment please feel free to contact us via Support System.

What if a member is found guilty of listing abuse?

We take this very seriously if any member found guilty of abuse as a listing owner or listing user, their account could be banned or deleted, temporarily or permanently.

What is community content?

At IGLlive.com we aim at providing a platform that caters to gaming community. Community content is yet another effort to help develop a strong gaming community.

Community content is a free service which allows players and non players to showcase and promote their content.

For example:

  • If you are a content writer who wants to showcase your skills and help gaming community with information and news related to gaming industry.
  • If you are a video content creator you can share your content with IGLlive players.
  • If you are a gamer and just wanna show your gaming skills or promote yourselves.

you can use our use our free community content section. Currently we have following categories, but you can always suggest us a category.

  1. Esports
  2. Esports News
  3. Game reviews
  4. Product reviews
  5. General Discussions

We also encourage Gamers to do content writing or create videos for:

  1. Tips and Tricks
  2. Walkthroughs
  3. Gameplays


how to post my content?

Click “New Content” under Community Links in dashboard.

I submitted my Content but I don’t see in community content ?

Once you submit your content it becomes pending for approval, Once approved we will notify you via Email and your content will be available in community content.

How to Upload MOSS file?

  1. Go to Support System and Create Ticket.
  2. Select “MOSS file Upload” under department drop down menu.
  3. Enter MATCH ID in Subject / Match ID field.
  4. Enter Opponents Player or Team Name in Details field.
  5. Attach .zip file. Please make sure you choose correct file.
  6. Click on Create Ticket and you are done.

how to dispute a match?

Please use our Support System along with Match disputing option on Match Page and MOSS (where applicable). Please make sure that You include Match ID in subject.

How to submit proof?

In case of a dispute create a Match dispute Ticket. Image or Video proof (links only) can be sent via our Support System. Image proofs can be sent as attachment but Video proofs must be uploaded to YouTube and only links to the video can be included in the details section. We advice recording all your matches and provide as much detail as possible.

How to report cheating?

Cheating is taken seriously and if you experience any you can report by creating a Match Dispute ticket and describe the incident in detail. We suggest you to provide proof.

For PC games we require you to use MOSS which help us find cheaters. If you think you have been cheated please create Match dispute ticket and we will make sure that we find and punish cheaters.

For everything else

Our support system handles all other type of issues, complaints and suggestions trough the same support system.

Choose appropriate Department, and be detailed about the issue.

IGL Coins

IGL coins are earned by staying active on the website. Coins are awarded when following tasks are completed, more details of earned points can be found by visiting IGL coins link on your profile drop down menu.

  1. Registration
  2. Daily Login, twice/day.
  3. Creating first team, 1 time.
  4. Joining first team, 1 time.
  5. Adding first friend, 1 time.
  6. Joining a tournament, every tournament.
  7. Playing a match, every match.
  8. Posting community content, each content.

There will be many more opportunities to earn IGL coins which will carry different Coins Values to be earned.

  1. Premium Tournaments.
  2. Coins awarded as prizes.
  3. Interaction with posted content on IGLlive.com and social media.
  4. Earning multi level badges.
  5. And much more.

What can I do with IGL coins?

IGL coins are like virtual currency and can be used only on IGLlive.com for any of the following purposes.

  1. IGL store , Yes we said IGL store. IGL coins can be redeemed at our online store. You can purchase any item available in the store that shows IGL coin value. Items including Gaming Gear, Merchandise, PC parts etc.
  2. You can redeem IGL coins to join premium tournaments.
  3. Any other premium services IGLlive.com may offer in future.

NOTE: IGL coins carry no cash value and can only be redeemed for services and products offered by IGLlive.com.


Show case your progress and achievements via badges, Badges are awarded as IGL Coins are earned. These badges are visible to all players on user profile page.

  1. Registration
  2. Daily Login (multi level).
  3. Creating first team.
  4. Joining first team.
  5. Adding first friend.
  6. Joining a tournament (multi level).
  7. Playing a match (multi level).
  8. Posting community content (multi level).

Note: Earning these badges will increase your Rank.


How to link my gamertag/IDs?

To link your Gamertags/IDs please got to your profile by clicking on you username then click on settings tab.

To link your Steam ID scroll down to bottom of the page and press connect button, then follow the procedure.

For rest just fill in the field associated with Gamertags/IDs you want to connect and then press update.

How to claim my prize?

Please user our support system to claim your prizes.

  • Select “Prize Claim” Department.
  • Include tournament/event/contest name in subject as applicable.
  • Provide details and any applicable or required proof.

In order to receive prize you must have a complete profile with address and a contact number. IGLlive may require you to provided additional documentation including identity proof. IGLlive may issue additional tax documents to comply with any local laws and regulations that may apply.


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